Planting Trees in Your Yard

What to Consider When Planting New Trees

It’s a lot of fun to spruce up your landscape and plant new trees, but there are some factors to consider before you plant roots. It’s important to take these into account to ensure that your trees are able to grow healthy, don’t become a hazard, and don’t conflict with the rest of your landscape.

We’ve composed a little guide of tips below to help you when planting new trees in your yard.

What’s Your Reason for Planting the Tree?

Firstly, you should establish your goals and intentions for planting a new tree. What purpose would you like it to serve? Perhaps you want to add some privacy to your landscape, increase shade in the area, or add some beauty to your yard.

Whichever reason it may be, this will affect the species, size, and cost, among other factors.

Finding the Best Location

In order to achieve your goals with planting a tree, you’ll need to make sure you choose the best location for it. Trees need plentiful room for their roots to grow where they’re able to find nutrients and won’t disrupt the foundation. Naturally, the branches will grow outward in time, so you’ll want to make sure this won’t interfere with any nearby structures.

Additionally, trees need sufficient light, water, and nutrients to maintain their health and grow. The location you choose will be critical for the health of the tree.

Bonus Features

There is a wide diversity of trees available, all with different features and characteristics. As with picking out a new car, there’s the main criteria you search focus on and, once you’ve narrowed them down, you can begin exploring the trees’ special bonus features.

For example, some trees have a wonderful fragrance which becomes particularly potent in the wind. Others have leaves that change to beautiful colors at different times of the year. Some trees shed very few leaves in the fall, meaning yard work becomes a little easier.

There are also trees that flower during the late summer, as well as trees which provide food for surrounding wildlife. This is a great option if you’d like to increase the amount of wildlife in your yard.


Trees require upkeep and maintenance just like anything, and they need extra attention in their first few years to ensure they grow healthy and strong.

Routine maintenance for trees can involve a variety of simple tasks. Pruning your branches helps you to control which direction the tree will continue to grow in, as well as reduce any risk that a branch may become hazardous to people or nearby structures.

Trees need sufficient nutrients to maintain their health, which can mean laying down some fertilizer at the base of the tree. In order for the roots to receive nutrients and water from the surrounding soil, it’s important to clear away any debris such as leaves that may be in the way. Check out some of our other blog posts and tree care and maintenance! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call here at Empire Tree.

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