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Tree Wound Repair in Augusta, GA

Professional tree wound repair in the Augusta, GA area. Protect damaged trees and avoid costlier removals or liabilities later.

Types of Tree Wounds

Tree wounds happen frequently and include: 

  • Broken Branches 
  • Abrasions and Scrapes 
  • Animal Damage 
  • Insect Attacks
  • Fire 
  • And More! 

Wounds that need treatment break through the bark while also damaging tissue that helps the tree get water and food. In addition, the tender inside of the tree is exposed to all types of organisms, bacteria, and fungi that could cause permanent rot and poor health. Over time, this decay weakens the entire tree leading to dangerous falling limbs and eventually complete death and treefall. Decay cannot be cured, although proper care of a tree can limit the spread of the decay. 

Responses to Tree Wounds

Here are a two ways our tree company handles tree wounds to keep your trees healthy:

  • Compartmentalization to help the tree heal and form a callus.
  • Barrier zones that slow decay.

With our proper care for your tree’s wounds, the tree is encouraged to callus leading to wound closure. To learn more, use the contact form below!

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