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Welcome to Empire Tree and Turf

Specializing in: Cabling, Bracing, Rodding, Tree Services, Lightning Protection, and More

Serving the Augusta, SC and North Augusta & Aiken, SC Areas!

Trees are an attractive feature in any garden and an investment that will boost the aesthetic appeal of any property. For more than 30 years, Empire Tree and Turf has been providing professional tree care services for countless satisfied customers in Augusta, GA and North Augusta, SC and the surrounding 50-mile radius. As a certified arborist, our tree services include:

All our staff members are knowledgeable and trained to complete any assignment safely and with the required skill and care. For all of your tree care needs, do not hesitate to contact us. Whatever tree requirement you have, our experience and knowledge will set your mind at ease.

Cabling, Bracing, and Rodding

When you have a damaged tree on your property due to a storm or weak branches, the experienced professionals at Empire Tree and Turf can help by strengthening its structure to make it safe and to rescue it for many years to come.

After our arborist has done a tree evaluation, we will install cabling, bracing, and rodding in weak areas to reduce the risk of further damage. Our services include:

  • Tree evaluation
  • Tree assessment
  • Tree cabling
  • Tree bracing
  • Tree rodding
  • Tree protection
  • Residential and commercial tree services

Contact us now to help you save your tree. A member of our friendly staff will gladly provide you with more information and a free estimate.

Tree Services

Most trees are different and might require specialist treatment. A certified arborist from Empire Tree and Turf can perform an expert tree evaluation and tree assessment in your garden to determine the type of tree care and tree work that is required. We are knowledgeable and have the experience to tackle any tree problem. Our vast range of tree services includes:

  • Tree stump removal
  • Tree trimming
  • Tree evaluation
  • Tree assessment
  • Pruning
  • Tree care
  • Tree work

For beautiful and well cared for trees in your home and garden in Augusta or the surrounding 50-mile radius, get in touch with the knowledgeable professionals at Empire Tree and Turf now. Your trees will be in good hands.

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Love working with Empire Tree and Turf!

5.0 rating
April 29, 2019

I love knowing everytime I contact Empire Tree and Turf they are going to be honest and get the job done right. Henry and his crews do a magnificent job. I highly recommend Empire!


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Shed The Load You Would Like To Get rid of Using These Useful Tips

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January 31, 2020

Would you like to lose some weight? Looking at this report can assist you get going. The greater you understand round weight loss, the better your probabilities to shed pounds and sustain ) your objective body weight. So get a seat, take a moment, and make preparations to find out!
Get another person to participate in when trying to lose weight. There are lots of things such as weight reduction which are easy in case you have people around to help you. Whether or not you possess family and friends take on or coach you, it will also help boost your enjoyable for greater results.
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One particular easy way to shed weight is to phase outside and take a great long hike. Additionally, you will be able to burn fat too, although you will not only appreciate mother nature. The better hard and stressful the hike is, the greater number of unhealthy calories you may shed.
Think about becoming a member of an organization for example Jenny Craig. They may have an internet based forum that one could access nighttime and working day for assist and suggestions. Their program involves many different snack foods and food that could be mailed for you. If you are able to accomplish it dollars wise, it could be a smart way to reduce a few pounds.
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