How to Protect Your Trees from Deer

Preventing Deer-Damage to Your Trees

Living in Georgia and having trees nearby, you’re likely to come across plenty of deer. While they can be exciting to spot in your yard, they can also damage your trees. Male deer will typically use tree trunks to sharpen their antlers, attract female deer, and mark their territory to warn other stags to stay away.

There are a handful of precautionary steps you can take to prevent deer from causing damage to your trees, listed below.


The first thing to consider is keeping the deer away from your trees, restricting their access. Fencing is a great way to stop deer from getting close to your trees.

In order to work effectively, the best type of fencing to use is woven wire. While this isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as wooden panel fencing, deer are known to easily jump vertical objects, even at a height of six foot and above. Woven wire fencing is able to stand firmly at an angle which prevents the deer from successfully jumping over it. The best angle to set your fencing at is about 30 degrees.

Tree Guards

Tree guards can be wrapped around the trunk of your tree without preventing the growth of the tree. You can find tree guards at most hardware stores and they’re simple to install.

Additionally, you can wrap chicken wire around the tree and it will work in the same manner. You should replace your tree guards every few months to prevent an infestation of insects or a build up of moisture which can also cause damage to your tree.

Deer Repellents

You can also find deer repellent in most hardware stores, and it’s usually a substance that you can apply directly to the tree and the surrounding area. The repellents usually taste or smell bad to the deer and prevent them from getting close.

This method requires your attention more frequently than fencing and tree guards as you need to re-apply the repellent as it wanes. While deer repellents have been proven to be effective, they’re usually better at stopping deer from chewing at your trees and less effective in stopping them from scratching their antlers and damaging the bark.

Additional Methods

There are a number of homemade methods that have also been successful at preventing deer from damaging trees. Motion detector sprinklers are a good way to scare the deer away when they enter your outdoor space. There are certain types of plants and foliage that deer don’t like, such as those with spines, fuzzy leaves, and strong odors.

You should also remove anything that might attract deer to your yard. This can include food sources such as bird feeders and pet food. They also love certain plants, including maple, cedar, yew, and roses, so it’s best to avoid having these in your yard.

If your tree has been damaged by deer or you have any questions about protecting them from deer, don’t hesitate to give us a call here at Empire Tree.

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