Protect Your Trees During a Storm

Preventative Measures to Keep Your Trees Safe

We frequently experience storms here in Georgia, sometimes even hurricanes and tornadoes. The impact that these severe weather conditions can have on our trees can be extremely damaging.

It’s important that we care for our trees and make sure they’re protected during inclement weather as well as secure them to reduce the likelihood of damage to surrounding structures. We’ve composed some tips, below, for protecting your trees from a storm.

Trimming and Pruning

One of the most important ways you can care for your trees is to trim and prune the branches, preferably during the trees’ dormant season when they aren’t actively growing. Doing so will improve the sturdiness of the trees, giving it a more streamlined shape through which wind can pass easily without causing damage.

Additionally, overhanging and weak limbs can be hazardous to the surrounding area, especially during a storm where they can be carried by the wind and potentially cause damage to nearby structures.

Protect the Roots

A tree’s roots are responsible for nourishing the tree as well as providing strength and stability. Although it’s important that all aspects of the tree are stable and strong, such as the trunk and branches, if the roots are weak then the whole tree is at risk.

To ensure the strength of your tree’s roots, you can lay down mulch at the base of the tree on a regular basis. This helps the roots to find sufficient nutrients, strengthening the root system and maintaining the health of the tree.

Cabling, Bracing, and Staking

If you know there’s a big storm coming up, there’s a couple of ways you can add some protection to your trees. Cabling and bracing your trees is something you should call in a certified arborist for to ensure it operates effectively.

The purpose of cabling and bracing is to secure your tree in place, preventing it from leaning to either side or even falling down. This process is used frequently to save older, unstable trees.

Staking your trees is easier to perform yourself. You place stakes in the ground around the base of the trunk and attach the strapping which you’ll wrap around the tree trunk. This process also helps to maintain the stability of the tree during heavy winds.

Lightning Protection System

When we’re used to seeing storms pretty regularly here in Georgia, it’s worth investing in a lightning protection system to protect your trees. If lightning happens to strike one of your trees, it can damage and potentially destroy the whole tree. Additionally, a tree struck by lightning is liable to fall down and damage anything in the surrounding area.

Though lightning protection systems can’t prevent lightning from striking your tree, they effectively eliminate the risk of damage to the tree. Let’s protect those gentle giants from inclement weather.

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