What to Consider When Building Near Trees

Tips for Safely Building Near Trees

Sometimes when we want to construct something in our yard, we have to consider the impact it will have on nearby trees. If you’d like to construct a new building close by there are a number of factors you should account for.

Below is a little guide with helpful tips for building around a tree.

Prune Your Trees

The first thing you should look at is the branches of your tree and where they hang. You should prune the branches if they hang in close proximity to where you intend to build. Pruning can be simple if you follow correct pruning techniques. If you’re unsure, or your tree is too high for you to safely prune it from the ground, you can always call in a professional to help.

Pay Attention to the Roots

Tree roots can typically extend outward around two or three times the dripline. Roots continually grow and you should be aware of this before deciding to construct on top of where any roots are growing as they are liable to break through the construction over time.

Additionally, it can be a risk to trim tree roots as the tree could lose its stability or its ability to supply sufficient nutrients. If your construction cannot go ahead without trimming some tree roots, it’s best to call a certified arborist to tackle the job to ensure it is done correctly.

Consider Incorporating the Tree into the Construction

It has become a trend in modern landscaping to incorporate trees into the design. Many homeowners are opting to build decks that wrap around a tree, with a circular opening cut out for the trunk.

It can be very stylish to design your landscape around the existing elements, such as the trees, not to mention environmentally conscious. Trees can also provide natural shade to relax under when you want a break from the sunshine.

Account for the Tree’s Dripline

A tree’s dripline is the perimeter of the outermost branches and refers to the area in which the tree will likely drip. You should consider this when constructing near a tree, whether the build is going to have a roof or not.

If your construction is going to be open, such as a deck, you should be aware of the likelihood that the tree will drip onto it. This may deter some homeowners from deciding to build in that location. Additionally, builds that are going to have a roof should also consider the dripline of nearby trees as this is likely to impact the integrity of the roof. A roof constructed under a tree’s dripline is more likely to develop mold and other fungi and is also at risk of the branches collapsing onto the roof in adverse weather. This is why it’s important to prune the branches, as mentioned above.

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