What Should I do if my Tree is Leaning?

How to Take Care of a Leaning Tree

If you’ve noticed your tree has started to lean to one side, you’re probably wondering what you should do to fix this. It can be tough to know the right call to make when it comes to your trees, so let us help you. Below, we discuss the possible causes of your tree developing a lean and the best ways to take care of leaning trees.

How long has your tree been leaning?

This one question is perhaps the most important to answer when determining the best course of action for your tree. If a tree has been gradually leaning over time are usually not going to pose a risk. However, trees that have very suddenly started to lean are likely to fall and cause damage to the surrounding area.

Leaning over time:

Trees are like any other plant – they’re searching for sunlight so that they can photosynthesize. If another tree or building is obstructing the tree from receiving the necessary sunlight, the tree will begin to adapt and will gradually develop a lean. When a lean occurs over time, the root system will strategically grow in the opposite direction to the tree in order to create stability. These types of leaning trees are usually harmless and not a cause for concern.

Sudden lean:

Trees that have developed a lean in a very short time, however, are much more liable to cause damage. The cause of a tree leaning so quickly is most likely damage to the root system, meaning the stability of the tree is compromised.

One of the most obvious signs that your tree’s root system is becoming weak and your tree is starting to lean is when the ground around the trunk is raised. Additionally, you should check on the health of your trees and their roots during times of flooding and drought as these can disrupt the root system and ultimately weaken its structure.

What can be done?

Little needs to be done for trees which have been gradually leaning over time as their root systems have adapted to support the lean. If you’d like to confirm the stability of your tree, you can always call a certified arborist to perform an evaluation for peace of mind.

Trees which have developed a sudden lean, however, require urgent attention from a certified arborist. As soon as you notice a lean you should contact your local tree experts. Here at Empire Tree, we can perform a thorough evaluation of the tree and then install cabling, bracing, and rodding where necessary. Sometimes, however, a tree’s root system has been too severely damaged and recovery of the tree is not possible. In this case, the best option is to have the tree removed.

If you have any further questions or need assistance with your leaning tree, don’t hesitate to give us a call here at Empire Tree!

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